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To color our places, we provide very nice opportunities. Look at these beautiful ottomans! They enrich our places. The Orient Bazaar manufactures patchwork ottomans, kilim pouffes, footstools. You can custom make your own stool. You give the dimensions and we make for you. If you also want to have such gorgeous patchwork ottomans, do not hesitate. Contact us directly at 

Turkish Oushak Rugs and the city Ushak


Ushak is a city connecting the Western and Central Anatolia, located in the interior part of the Aegean region of Turkey.

Ushak has been spelled in 2 different ways, like Oushak.

Oushak city is benefiting from its location at the crossroads of the Central Anatolian plateau and the coastal  Aegean region, and from a climate and agricultural production incorporating elements of both of these zones, Ushak has also traditionally strong industrial base. Ushak was the first city in Turkey to have an urban electricity network, and the first city where a collective labor relations agreement was signed, during the Ottoman era, between leather industry employees and workers. It was here that the first factory of Republican Turkey, a sugar refinary, was set up through a private sector initiative among local businessmen. The tradition of industriousness continues today around two industrial zones.

Ushak is also very famous with the carpets and rugs woven in this region.

Antique Oushak rugs have been woven in Western Turkey from the beginning of the Ottoman period. Many of the great masterpieces of early Turkish carpet weaving from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries have been attributed to antique Oushak rugs. When things become clearer toward 1900, Oushak re-emerges as a major center, this time for room-size decorative rugs. Antique Turkish Oushak carpets such as these are desirable today as highly decorative pieces. They come in central medallion designs as well as patterns of smaller allover medallions or scattered sprays of vine scroll and palmettes. They are notable for the grand, monumental scale of the designs. Antique Oushak Rugs often have a subdued palette in soft apricot and golden saffron tones whose pleasing qualities are enhanced by their particularly soft and lustrous wool.

Oushak Rugs and carpets have become the rugs of choice for many of the top interior decorators in the world today. Oushak rugs for the most part are not high quality rugs but that is what makes them so special. Antique Turkish Rugs were woven with larger scale patterns. Antique Oushak carpets are highly rated and admirable because of their colours which are usually much lighter and happier. So if you are looking for an antique rug with a large scale design and soft colors then antique Oushak carpets and rugs can be one of your favorite.

Oushak rugs are some of the most decorative and desirable rugs on the market today. Interior designers and decorators love their open geometric designs, soft color palettes, and wide size range. They are some of the most diverse and unique styles of antique rugs.

TheOrientBazaar (T.O.B.) has a carpet manufacturing workshop in Ushak. The Orient Bazaar has taken a place in this sector as a wholesaler and manufacturer.

The Orient Bazaar custom makes Ushak Rugs as per the requests of their customer. T.O.B. can manufacture any size and any color of Ushak Rugs.

If you are thinking of buying Oushak Rugs, you should firstly check and you should contact TheOrientBazaar via

Kitchen Decoration and Turkish Cuisine

Kitchen is very important for all people. I think heart of our homes. Especially for Turkish people kitchen is extremely important. Most of Turkish people spend their time in kitchen when they are at home. It is not only the place to prepare and cook food. Depending on the size, kitchen is used as a place to eat and to welcome guests as well. It is the inevitable place for Turkish women. Drinking Turkish coffee in a nice decorated kitchen and fortune telling is one of the best pleasure of Turkish women.

Turks generally prefer to be together with friends and family  instead of eating alone. Therefore kitchen design and useful usage is very important.

If the place of kitchen is proper, generally a nice big table is placed and comfortable chairs or small sofas are the most preferred goods. Turkish Kilim Rugs are one of the most indispensable element of decoration. Since these rugs represents the culture and the history, it gives warmer and frank feeling. But decoration is not enough, you need to smell the beautiful taste of Turkish food.

Turkish cuisine is one of the leading taste of the world.

As being the heir of the Ottoman culture Turkish cuisine has influenced and has been influenced by Balkan and Middle East. Turkish cuisine varies from region to region. Black Sea cuisine, South east cuisine, such as the Central Anatolian cuisine most of the regions have their own rich meal. Kebap is one of the delicious and famous food of Turkey, but Turkey has many different kind of regional foods that shouldn’t be forgotten when you visit Turkey.


Decorating Your Living Room


Decorating Home is one of the most difficult but at the same time one of the most entertaining job. In order to ease the decoration process, we need to set a strategy. Firstly you need to clarify your needs and interests. Living room is the most important place in the home. Living room is the place where your family and you truly live. Also living room has another roll in our life, it is the place that combines the family and the relatives and the friends.

The place where we watch television, we welcome our guests, we sleep, work, have meal together, we play games, etc.

So we need to know our needs and interests very well to renovate and redesign our place.

Before deciding the furniture, we need to calculate our storage situation. For storage, bookcases, cabinets, and shelves are one of the best way to organize and use the place practical without cluttering too much space.

Combining these shelves with tv console would provide you more space.

One of the most important thing is the light. Ensure that the room feels warm and lets the light come in. If your place is not having the light too much, you need to use bright colors on the wall, with sofas and furniture, where as you need to choose darker accessories.

Throw pillows always are one of the cheapest and easiest way to color the place.

Carpets are one of the most important pieces of decoration.

Size of your rug is very important. To determine and select the appropriate measure for your home, is very important. Before you go for shopping to buy carpet, you need to measure the rooms, overall width and length.

Appropriate decoration to your home, will show your home much more beautiful and different. Therefore, color selection is important. 

The Most Expensive Rug in the World


As of  5 June 2013, there is a new rug that can boast of being the most expensive rug ever sold at any auction as a beautiful Persian carpet sold for nearly $34 million on 5th of June 2013 at a Sotheby’s auction in New York City. More than tripling the previous record price paid for a rug, the amazing piece that sold on 5th of June 2013 at Sotheby’s is a fantastic work of art of the highest order. According to Sotheby’s, the rug is a “sickle-leaf, vine scroll and palmette ‘vase’-technique carpet,” that is probably of Kerman origin, and had belonged to the Clark Collection.


TheOrientBazaar is a family company, that has been doing business in handmade carpets,rugs, kilims and home accessories since 1936. We have a lot of experience and life stories left to us by our grandgrandfathers.

We have been recording all these experiences and stories. Now it is time to share all these valuable experiences and stories with you!

Each of the carpetsrugs and kilims have their own stories. Actually they are reflecting our lives to us. In the old ages, there were no pictures the women were looking at to weave. The rugs were the mirror of their life, their dreams,their heart and their hope.

We shouldn’t forget that handmade carpets are living lives, those will never die.

Most of the people around the world buy a carpet at least once. But how many of us think about the story, we generally look at the colors, symbols and the size whether it will fit our place or not. And decide accordingly.

You know what is  fascinating is having those handmade carpets that are running thru a life tunnel with a rich history. They have a huge power in our life that we do not even recognize. They do a bear witness of the lives they walk through. Some period of time they lighten and bear witness of a poet’s life, in some period they live with a leader, in another period they live with an artist, etc. Every year they get older, they become more valuable because they strengthen their property with the valuable stories of all those people who walk on them.

If ever we know the stories of those carpets, we will see those rugs in another perspective and with some other feelings.

We need to take care of them as a part of our family.

If ever you have such experiences and stories, why don’t you share with us?

From our perspective, carpet/rug means root of our history. We need to save our history. We feel very sorry if someone throw away the carpet they get bored. Therefore, we collect the rugs that people don’t want to live together anymore. Before throwing away your rugs, pls contact us. We may be the next.

We would like to develop this blog with you!  With interaction of YOU valuable readers and customers.

Why don’t you send us picture of the carpet you bought from our store?

We and all readers would be glad to see how it lightens in his new home.